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Summer League Standings

League Standings
MONDAY 1:00 PM Extra Mileage 
5:00 PM Twisters 
5:00 PM Pinbusters 
6:30 PM Coca Cola Classic 
6:30 PM Monday Mixed Summer 
TUESDAY 9:30 AM Young At Heart (Senior League) 
6:00 PM Match Play Youth 
6:00 PM Capital City High Rollers Summer 
6:30 PM Mixed Up All Stars 
WEDNESDAY 9:30 AM On Top Of The Hill (Senior League) 
1:00 PM Kids Having Fun Summer 
2:00 PM Senior Rollers (Seniors League) 
2:00 PM Elite Seniors 
6:00 PM Wednesday Mixed 
7:30 PM Just Right Summer 
THURSDAY 9:30 AM Easy Rollers (Senior League) 
9:30 AM Thursday Ladies 
6:30 PM Strikes & Spares JackPot 
6:30 PM All Star Rollers 
FRIDAY 6:30 PM TGIF Summer 
SATURDAY 10:00 AM Youth Bowling Bumpers 
10:00 AM Youth Bowling Minors 
10:00 AM Youth Bowling Majors 
10:00 AM Youth Bowling All Stars 
SUNDAY 6:00 PM Junior Gold Adult/Youth Summer 
6:30 PM Jackpot Sundays