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A bowling league is a great way to hang out with friends, family, or co-workers! They’re fun for beginners as well as advanced bowlers and feed your competitive bone at any level! Whether you are looking for serious competition or just some serious fun we have a league that fits you!

Traditionally, bowling leagues meet once a week at the same time for a set amount of time; for example, 32 weeks. Teams of bowlers usually compete for fun and for cash prizes.

Are you commitment shy? No problem! We have short-season leagues that will suit your schedule. Contact us at 225-924-0124 to find the perfect league fit for you!

High School Bowling

Fall League Standings
MONDAY 9:30 AM Monday Morners (Ladies League) 
1:00 PM Extra Mileage (Senior League) 
5:00 PM Twisters 
5:00 PM Pinbusters 
6:00 PM Adult Baptist League 
6:15 PM Uncertains 
6:30 PM Monday Mixed 
6:30 PM Monday Mixed Singles 
7:00 PM Classic Singles 
7:00 PM Coca Cola Classic 
TUESDAY 9:00 AM Golden Nuggets 
9:20 AM Circle Bowl Seniors 
9:30 AM Young At Heart (Senior League) 
9:55 AM St Isidore Mothers Trios 
3:30 PM Family & Friends 
6:30 PM Tuesday Toss Ups 
6:00 PM Capital City Rollers 
6:30 PM Exxon Mobil Mixed 
6:30 PM Tuesday All Stars 
6:30 PM Tuesday Night Singles 
7:00 PM NFL League 
WEDNESDAY 9:30 AM Rockin Redbirds 
9:30 AM On Top Of The Hill (Senior League) 
9:30 AM Leisure Ladies (Ladies League) 
1:00 PM Elite Seniors (Senior League) 
2:00 PM Senior Rollers (Senior League) 
6:00 PM Wednesday Nite Mixed 
6:10 PM Exxon Mobil Mens League 
6:10 PM Mobile Electric Supply Mixed 
6:15 PM Capital Mixed 
6:15 PM Wednesday Night Singles 
7:30 PM Just Right (Short Season) 
THURSDAY 9:30 AM Easy Rollers (Senior League) 
9:30 AM All Star Cut Ups (Ladies League) 
6:00 PM Strikes & Spares 
6:30 PM Circle Industrial 
6:30 PM Dudley DeBosier All Events 
6:30 PM Bowlers First Club 
6:30 PM All Star Rollers 
6:30 PM Thursday Night Singles 
FRIDAY 6:30 PM Global Kingdom Business 
SATURDAY 9:00 AM Sport Shot Practice 
10:00 AM Youth Bowling Majors 
10:00 AM Youth Bowling Minors 
10:00 AM Bumpers 
10:00 AM Youth All Stars 
SUNDAY 4:00 PM Junior Gold Adult/Youth 
6:15 PM Susan Corbitt's Sunday Nite 
6:30 PM Jackpot Sundays (Short Season)