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A bowling league is a great way to hang out with friends, family or co-workers! They’re fun for beginners as well as advanced bowlers and feed your competitive bone at any level! Whether you are looking for serious competition or just some serious fun we have a league that fits you!

Traditionally, bowling leagues meet once a week at the same time for a set amount of time; for example 32 weeks. Teams of bowlers usually compete for fun and for cash prizes.

Are you commitment shy? No problem! We have short season leagues that will suit your schedule. Contact us at 225-924-0124 to find the perfect league fit for you!

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Fall Menu 2019 Sign-UpSummer League Standings

Fall League Standings
MONDAY 9:30 AM Monday Morners (Ladies League)
1:00 PM Extra Mileage (Senior League)
5:00 PM Twisters
5:00 PM Pinbusters
6:15 PM Uncertains
6:30 PM Monday Mixed
6:30 PM Monday Mixed Singles
7:00 PM Classic Singles
7:00 PM Coca Cola Classic
TUESDAY 9:30 AM Young At Heart (Senior League)
6:00 PM Capital City Rollers
6:30 PM Exxon Mobile Mixed
6:30 PM Tuesday All Stars
WEDNESDAY 9:30 AM On Top Of The Hill (Senior League)
9:30 AM Leisure Ladies (Ladies League)
1:00 PM Elite Seniors (Senior League)
2:00 PM Home School
2:00 PM Senior Rollers (Senior League)
6:10 PM Mobile Electric Supply Mixed
6:15 PM Capital Mixed
6:15 PM Wednesday Night Singles
7:30 PM Just Right (Short Season)
THURSDAY 9:30 AM Easy Rollers (Senior League)
9:30 AM All Star Cut Ups (Ladies League)
6:00 PM Strikes & Spares
6:30 PM Dudley DeBosier All Events
6:30 PM Bowlers First Club
6:30 PM All Star Rollers
6:30 PM Thursday Night Singles
SATURDAY 9:30 AM Believers Bowling For Fun
10:00 AM Youth Bowling Majors
10:00 AM Youth Bowling Minors
10:00 AM Bumpers
10:00 AM Youth All Stars
SUNDAY 9:00 AM Southern Louisiana Youth Travel
6:00 PM Junior Gold Adult/Youth
6:30 PM Jackpot Sundays (Short Season)